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Temps de Flors

This spring I decided to visit Girona during the Temps de Flors (Time of Flowers) festival, celebrating its 60th anniversary. The festival is held for 9 days in the middle of May.

The city of Girona is in northeastern Catalonia, beside the River Onyar. It’s known for its medieval architecture,with a walled old neighborhood (Barri Vell), including the Jewish quarter (Call) — one of the best preserved in Europe. During Temps de Flors the narrow, winding streets, gardens, patios and monuments are imaginatively adorned with flowers.

The festival is very popular and the crowds can be a challenge, as space is needed to fully appreciate the floral arrangements — this year there were 164 installations — quite a lot to see in a day, even arriving early. There is a free map, with a well-organized route, available at the Girona tourist office.

The restaurants of Girona are renowned for both traditional Catalan and cutting-edge cuisine but as often happens during festival days they were either booked or offering special menus beyond my budget. I was very glad to discover Lapsus Cafè on the Plaça de la Independència, offering a perfectly priced daily menu (3 courses plus wine for 9.50€) of traditional Catalan fare, plus very friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere.

…floral welcome…


…spring mix…


…pink and blue corner…


…a celebration…



 Temps de Flors website   

 Official Girona Tourist Office website

Lapsus Cafè



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