12 Favorite Photos from 2018

2018 was another busy year for my camera. Here are my 12 favorite photos:

Mural, Dénia

Dénia is a coastal city on the Costa Blanca halfway between Valencia and Alicante. I was there during a record-breaking winter wave of deep cold and, somehow, this bright mural made me feel a bit warmer!

Photo taken in February 2018

Bicycle, Valencia

Thanks to an initiative from the local government, Valencia has quickly become one of Spain’s best urban areas for cycling.

Photo taken in April 2018

Street Art Fallera, Valencia

A little different from most street art in Valencia, this is a creative representation of a fallera, an essential part of the Fallas Festival.

Photo taken in April 2018

Giant Eggplant, Valencia

One morning in early June, a giant eggplant (!) appeared in my neighborhood plaza as part of a celebration of Valencian fruits and vegetables.

Photo taken in June 2018

Shrine to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Bisbat de Girona, Palafrugell

While wandering around Palafrugell trying to figure out directions to the town center, I came upon this small shine in the courtyard of the local parish house.

Photo taken in August 2018

Catalan Curtain, Palafrugrell

In small towns or old neighborhoods in Catalonia, simple linen curtains with a touch of lace adorn many windows.

Photo taken in August 2018

Blue Lights and a Guardian Angel, Girona

The first word that always comes to mind when describing Girona is “bohemian”. The pace of the city is relaxed but at the same time full of creative energy. Distinctly Catalan in style and spirit, I never lack inspiration in Girona.

Photo taken in September 2018

Door, Girona

Doors are practical, but they’re also there to be admired. This door, just around the corner from in Girona’s city hall (ajuntament), caught my eye.

Photo taken in September 2018

Lion, cloister tomb, Girona Cathedral

The Girona Cathedral (in Catalan: Catedral de Girona) includes the widest Gothic nave in the world, with a width of 22 metres (72 ft), and the second-widest of any church after that of St. Peter’s Basilica. Its construction was begun in the 11th century. The Romanesque cloister’s columns depict fantastic figures, animals and plant motifs. The cloister has tombs of prominent members of the monastery, dating back to the 14th century.

Photo taken in October 2018

End of Season, Girona

Autumn is always bittersweet on the Costa Brava. As the tourist season ends, it always feels abrupt, and a bit melancholy, with the cold north wind (Catalan: tramuntanya) bringing an end to long nights on la terraza.

Photo taken November 2018

Window, Casa Sensat, El Masnou, el Maresme

The beautiful county of the Maresme stretches along the Mediterranean coast just north of Barcelona. It has long, sandy beaches, pine forests, and towns with Catalan Indiano mansions where the nouveaux riche used to spend the summer. They are called Indianos, or Americanos because the mansions celebrated the newfound wealth a lucky few locals found in Latin America and the Caribbean. The lavish mansions are a mixture of styles inspired by the architectural fashions of the day – mostly modernist (Catalan art nouveau) and neoclassical.

Casa Sensat, located on the Passeig de Prat de la Riba in the town of El Masnou, was built in 1901 as a summer residence for the  Sensat-Pagès family, whose fortune was made in Argentina.

Photo taken in November 2018

Modernist (Catalan Art Nouveau) Door, Palamós

Located on the narrow main street (Carrer Major) of Palamós, this door is very familiar to me. It reflects the Catalan prosperity of the early 1900’s — missing some hardware, now a bit neglected but still beautiful.

Photo taken in December 2018