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Spanish Street Art: Valencia

A painted wall is no longer a limit to become a channel of communication with which you can reach a lot of people. – Escif, Valencian street artist

One of the most striking features in Valencia is the diverse street art that can be found around every corner of the city. From the enigmatic to the bold, the satiric to the silly, no matter what the size or location, creativity is channeled to challenge and delight the passerby.

Here are just a few of my (many) photos of Valencian street art:

VLC Street Art 3

VLC Street Art 2

VLC Street Art 4

VLC Street Art 13

VLC Street Art 6

VLC Street Art 7

VLC Street Art 9

VLC Street Art 5

VLC Street Art 8

VLC STreet Art 10

Links to a few of Valencia’s most recognized street artists:






All photos © La Gringa Ibérica